• £3.60

    With a brewery dating back to 1328, Augustiner-Bräu is the oldest brewer in Munich and the last remaining independent brewer in the historic city. Classically German, the Augustiner Edelstoff is crisp, refreshing, and the German purity law defined. This world class helles lager is brewed with the best ingredients and…

  • £3.50

    Augustiner Helles, amazing Helles that is best served with classic southern German cuisine. Serve cool to cold, in very clean glassware. 5.2%.

  • £3.20

    Slightly reborn as an unfiltered amber rustic lager, Uncommon frequently defies description, when outstandingly cold, you could be forgiven for thinking you were drinking a modern craft lager, as it warms in the glass, the flavour and aroma breaks out in to a more complex and spicy situation, somewhere in…

  • £3.20

    Classic American Pilsner Kicking it old school, heavily influenced by the 80s dad beers. Taking a traditional mass produced beer and injecting a bit of love and attention. Lightly hopped and aged on oak  for a refreshing dry finish. This throwback lager isn’t to win any awards, but it’s a slab…

  • £3.80

    Lagered for six weeks, this traditional German Helles lager is crisp, refreshing and lightly sweet with soft rounded malt notes and a light hop character. Allergens: Barley Unfined. 440ml. 4.5%.

  • £3.25

    РАЗОМ/RAZOM means “TOGETHER”. This 4.5% Belgian Witbier is brewed using a recipe from Lviv-based Pravda Brewery showing support at a time when they are unable to brew themselves. 330ml. Every penny of profit from sales of this beer will be donated to the Disasters Emergency Committee Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal. Your purchase…

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    Schrodinger’s cat is both dead and alive: a superposition of states. A session IPAs intense citrus and tropical fruit aromas and a Belgian witbiers peppery spice exist simultaneously in this beer LBA & SIBA South East Champion Wheat Beer Physical: Lemon sherbet and slight clove and banana aroma + silky…

  • £4.00

    Made with all German ingredients and lagered for eight weeks, this is our interpretation of a classic style. A pure crispy boi with a balanced subtle maltiness and a fresh delicate bitterness. 440ml. 5%.

  • £2.15

    Real grapefruit juice gives this deliciously refreshing Radler (a blend of lager and real fruit juice) its amber natural cloudiness and pleasant tangy taste. The refreshingly fruity taste makes Stiegl-Radler Grapefruit a wonderful thirst quencher. Radler translates to cyclist in German and this beer is perfect for a post ride…

  • £11.00

    Soak: our line of sour wheat ales, aged in oak, featuring a variety of single fruit additions. We ferment the base beer with 60% wheat in large oak foeders for several months. Fermentation duties are shared gracefully between our house lactobacillus strain and our Native New England mixed culture. Loosely…