Trillium – Permutation 7.09


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Permutation is our experimental series of small batch offerings, showcasing the unique visions and innovative concepts developed by our production crew. The names are sequential, reflecting the brewing year in Trillium’s lifespan, followed by a recipe indicator.

Like Permutation 7.06, we took the approach and techniques utilized with our Mettle Alloy series of hoppy beers and applied them to a variety of cellared Imperial Stouts with complementary profiles.

Displaying its pitch-black viscosity as soon as it’s pouring into the glass, Permutation 7.09 opens up with aromas of creamy chocolate milk, toasted hazelnut, and subtle fresh-ground coffee beans. Over time, the beer begins to show secondary notes of vanilla almond milk and gentle coconut. A medium body, well-integrated adjunct profile, and slight warming character all come together in a harmonious slow-sipping drinking experience. 750ml. 11%


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Trillium - Permutation 7.09


Only 1 left in stock