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    Alkameme 2020 is a single variety fermentation on Alkamene apples. We did a short cold maceration on fresh elderflowers in the cider for a floral, summery expression. So handle with care, this bottle contains liquid sunshine! 750ml. 6.6%

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    Forbidden Fruits Arome Rouge. Red Aroma apple cider with a maceration of organic Danish blueberries and a dash of chokeberries and grapes. Vegan. Gluten free. 750ml. 5.9%.

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    Bade & 4. Half beer, half cider. Warpigs sour wort and wild cider with Italian plums and Cabernet Mitos grapes. Vegan. 5.9%

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    The 5th edition of our cider/beer hybrid variants is a collaboration with Mikkeller Baghaven. Equal parts barrel-aged sour saison from Baghaven and barrel-aged plum-macerated wild cider from us. 375ml. 5.9%

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    Benene Pa Nakken. Aeblerovs signature. Mixed country store, consisting of everything possible, of which 85% mixed Danish eating apples, such as Red Aroma, Ingrid Marie, Holsteiner Cox, Signe Tillich and a lot of other old forgotten varieties. The remaining 15% are cider apple varieties. Vegan. Gluten free. 6%.

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    Cox I Paeren 2020 is a blend of Holsteiner Cox apples from Laerkehoj and Laerkehoj and super delicious Anna and Concorde pears from Laerkehoj. The juice factor is high in this one! Full throttle fat mouthfeel, explosive tropical notes of pineapple and a subtle acidity. 750ml. 7%

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    50/50 cider apples, eating apple varieties and pear, inspired by the French farmhouse ciders. Deep complex overripe fruit with a nice tannic structure. 750ml. 6%

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    Hyper Cider 2020. Get hyped! Because this bottle contains a real hybrid monster. This is a blend of wild cider made from Rod Aroma apples, a maceration on Danish Rondo grapes & wild lilac flower and a mix fermentation saison brewed in the cidery! Just before bottling we dry-hopped it…

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    Wild fermented cider from Danish Holsteiner Cox and Rod Aroma apples with a maceration of Danish Rondo grapes. Prendila Cosi means “take it as it is” and that’s exactly how you should approach this cider. Pet Nat. Vegan. Gluten free. 750ml. 7.5%

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    Pulped. Contains spontaneously fermented cider made from mixed organic Danish apples sourced from the local Naustok orchard. We blended in organic raspberry juice right before packaging for that extra jammy summer fruit explosion, with the tartness from the wild cider base cutting through the raspberry candy sweetness. Pasteurised. Enjoy chilled.…

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    Forbidden Fruits Rainbow Child. Fruit pet nat on a blend of Red Aroma apples and pears with a maceration of Solaris and Rondo grapes. Dry hopped with Citra and Chinook. Vegan. Gluten Free. 8%.

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    Rod Aroma 2020. Wild fermented cider of the best organic Rod Aroma apples. 750ml. 7%

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    Tutti Frutti 2020. This is almost everything that has been through the apple factory in 2020 – plus much more! On a base of Rod Aroma apples, pears & quinces added a myriad of berry macerations, including raspberries, blueberries, cherries plus grapes and finally a 48 hour cold maceration on…

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    Second release of our FORBIDDEN FRUITS: Vin de Table series. This one is a blend of stainless steel-fermented Souvignier Gris wine from Vejrhøj Vingård and wild barrel aged pear cider from us at Æblerov. A still product, with some residual sweetness, aromas of tropical fruit, gooseberry, green pear skin, and…

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    WARM ‘UP 2020 Wild Fermented Cider. I hope you’re warmed up, because this wild hybrid can chill you down in no time! Warm’up is a blend of sour beer from To Ol Natur and wild cider with a maceration on Danish Regent grapes. This one puts the hype in hybrid.…

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    Flagship cider featuring GoldRush apples sourced directly from farmers within 150 miles of ANXO | Available year-round | Batches vary based on orchard sourcing and time of year. 355ml. 6.9%

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    Lightly sparkling cider Blend: Dabinett, Goldrush, Jonathan, Kingston Black, Roxbury Russet, Winesap, Yarlington Mill Fermentation: Wine yeast in 25hL Wood Casks TASTING NOTES On the nose – Fresh wet orchard On the palate – Sweet apple flesh, caramel, wood PAIRINGS Lentil ragu, cider boy steak, on its own Serve chilled.…

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    Vermont-grown apples fermented by Eden and ANXO and blended in DC for a terroir-driven cider | Released in March to celebrate women cidermakers during Women’s Month | Annual batches will vary in methodology but will always support women in the cider industry. Blend: English and American cider apples from PA…

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    Red-fleshed apples impart radiant color and red fruit notes in this #applesonly Rosé | Available year-round | Red cider is fermented by Snowdrift in Washington State and blended with GoldRush cider in DC. 355ml. 6.9%

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    Quintessential tannic English West Country cider fermented by Tom Oliver before blending at ANXO with GoldRush | Annual Release | Batches vary based on the English growing season. Apples: English Bittersweet & Bittersharp Varietials, Goldrush. Medium acidity. High tannins. Dry. 6.9%

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    A delightfully dry and naturally sparkling cider made using the ancient ancestral method. After handpicking, pressing and fermentation which finishes in the bottle, the cider is aged on its fine lees for 10 months.  It is then placed on our antique French riddling rack where it is turned daily by…

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    ‘Across the Shrewniverse’ is a blend of handpicked fruit from a beautiful traditional standard orchard in the Grey Valley in Herefordshire. Wild fermented, this dry, unpasteurised, unfiltered and naturally sparkling cider beautifully compliments smoked cheese.  Cosmic sparkles propel stellar flavour supernovae into the olfactory black hole before eclipsing towards tellurian…

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    And as the cap pops, music to your ears You pour and everyone seems to hear And if the orchard you’re in starts displaying ripened fruits We’ll see you on the dark side of the shrew’ Harvested by hand in November 2020’s erratic weather which included everything from glorious sunshine…

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    Some orchards even more than others contain within them a special kind of magic. Duffryn is one such. Towering cathedrals of oak flank avenues of ancient twisted and gnarled apple trees which are home to a plethora of life. White ermine moths, red kites, iridescent noble chafer beetles, butterflies, bats,…