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    Smooth drinking medium perry. Awarded 2nd place in the 2023 Hereford International Cider & Perry competition, this 99 Pines favourite delivers caramel and vanilla ice cream flavours. This variety is also known as Stinking Bishop, but don’t let this put you off – there’s nothing stinky about this smooth operator!…

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    Our first orchard by blend, and what an orchard! Tawneys is a rare and beautiful 17th Century perry orchard near Dymock. Blended during pressing, this sweet perry delivers gooseberry, sorrel, oak and lime flavours with soft tannins and a long finish…enjoy! 500ml. 6%.

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    Cox I Paeren 2020 is a blend of Holsteiner Cox apples from Laerkehoj and Laerkehoj and super delicious Anna and Concorde pears from Laerkehoj. The juice factor is high in this one! Full throttle fat mouthfeel, explosive tropical notes of pineapple and a subtle acidity. 750ml. 7%

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    Hyper Cider 2020. Get hyped! Because this bottle contains a real hybrid monster. This is a blend of wild cider made from Rod Aroma apples, a maceration on Danish Rondo grapes & wild lilac flower and a mix fermentation saison brewed in the cidery! Just before bottling we dry-hopped it…

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    Wild fermented cider from Danish Holsteiner Cox and Rod Aroma apples with a maceration of Danish Rondo grapes. Prendila Cosi means “take it as it is” and that’s exactly how you should approach this cider. Pet Nat. Vegan. Gluten free. 750ml. 7.5%

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    Rod Aroma 2020. Wild fermented cider of the best organic Rod Aroma apples. 750ml. 7%

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    Tutti Frutti 2020. This is almost everything that has been through the apple factory in 2020 – plus much more! On a base of Rod Aroma apples, pears & quinces added a myriad of berry macerations, including raspberries, blueberries, cherries plus grapes and finally a 48 hour cold maceration on…

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    WARM ‘UP 2020 Wild Fermented Cider. I hope you’re warmed up, because this wild hybrid can chill you down in no time! Warm’up is a blend of sour beer from To Ol Natur and wild cider with a maceration on Danish Regent grapes. This one puts the hype in hybrid.…

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    This cuvée comes from the perpetual blend of all the vintages since the creation of the brewery in 2016. 1/3 of the beer was foeder aged with 2/3 aged in barrel’s (50% ex-pinot noir barrel and 50% ex-chardonnay barrel). Based in France, Brasserie Ammonite brewery has been set up with…

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    Lambic. This cuvée comes from the perpetual blend of all the vintages since the creation of the brewery -2016-. Developed according to the practice of solera. Bottled in march 2021. 375ml. 5% 50% ex-pinot noir 50% ex-chardonnay

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    A medium-bodied barley wine, with a herbal aroma and surprisingly smooth. Initially sweet, with a dry, smooth finish.  With the addition of dandelion and burdock brings an earthy, herbal note to the beer. Vegan. 330ml. 10%

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    Belgian Tripel – aroma of old school bubblegum (think hubba bubba!). Hints of coriander, black pepper and clove. Rich, smooth mouthfeel. 8.4%.

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    A delightfully dry and naturally sparkling cider made using the ancient ancestral method. After handpicking, pressing and fermentation which finishes in the bottle, the cider is aged on its fine lees for 10 months.  It is then placed on our antique French riddling rack where it is turned daily by…

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    Raise your glass in celebration of Beltane, the Celtic festival that welcomes Summer and the sun which will nourish and provide us with a bountiful harvest in the Autumn. Fires are lit and leapt over symbolising the leaving behind of Winter’s woes to greet the green months of warmth and…

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    Sat around a campfire in the beautiful old orchard at Ross Cider one evening in the Summer of 2021, our friend and fellow cidermaker Albert suddenly proclaimed a startling fact. Michelin, the widely planted, famous cider apple, was not in fact Michelin. The apple we all knew and loved had…

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    The best orchards are home to more than apple trees. Created entirely by human hand, in our opinion these sacred spots are one of few good marks left on our planet by our all too often destructive race. A perfect orchard will be home to trees allowed to grow old…

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    And as the cap pops, music to your ears You pour and everyone seems to hear And if the orchard you’re in starts displaying ripened fruits We’ll see you on the dark side of the shrew’ Harvested by hand in November 2020’s erratic weather which included everything from glorious sunshine…

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    Eadric Silvaticus was perhaps the original Green man; an anti hero thought to have inspired the legend of Robin Hood no less. Treading the red soils of Herefordshire and the Welsh Marches in the early part of the 11th century, Eadric was at the centre of the resistance of the…

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    Named after one of our favourite artists and in celebration of the beautiful borderlands surrounding our wonderful, gregarious town of Hay-on-Wye this perry is made from Blakeney Reds harvested from a little orchard within Hay itself. Community spirit is strong in these hills which are replete with dreamers and awash…

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    The starer, the wood-cat, the purblind, the furze cat, the skulker, the bleary-eyed, the wall-eyed, the glance-aside and also the hedge-springer. In folklore, Hares have often been associated with the transition from Summer into Autumn, bathed in silver light from the harvest moon, leaping forward to greet the new season.…

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    The wheel of the year has turned and the light is beginning to creep back in. Imbolc is the Celtic festival of renewal. Gambolling lambs begin to appear in the fields, the first vigorous green shoots spring from the soil and like a slow motion firework display, snow drops and…

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    Jury is one of the oldest orchards in which we harvest our fruit. Research undertaken at the Museum of Cider showed us that the first trees were planted into this majestic orchard way back in1936. Whilst time has hollowed trunks and weathered branches bristled with lichen, each autumn the fruit…

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    This single variety Kingston Black is made from apples gathered by hand from three different traditional standard orchards located in as many valleys; the Grey, the Golden and the Wye; all containing magical old orchards which are havens for wildlife and biodiversity. Rich in the apples’ own natural sugars this…

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    “By one, two, three and four, sweep Lammas gifts to my door. May abundance be a constant friend, by my hearth till Winter’s end.” By late Summer, the abundance we hoped for during our Spring Beltane celebrations is a reality. Pickling gherkins, plaiting onions, scything hay and winnowing seed, the…