Ammonite – Solera IV (750ml)


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This cuvée comes from the perpetual blend of all the vintages since the creation of the brewery in 2016. 1/3 of the beer was foeder aged with 2/3 aged in barrel’s (50% ex-pinot noir barrel and 50% ex-chardonnay barrel).

Based in France, Brasserie Ammonite brewery has been set up with the aim of transposing winemaking processes to the production of their beers. All the operations carried out at the brewery follow biodynamic principles and are controlled by the lunar and maritime calendar. The tides, whether high or low, have a microbiological influence during the brewing, fermentation and aging of beers. They act, with the moon, like a breath and each of the phases of the calendar corresponds to a particular intervention. This breathing movement on an astral scale has a concrete impact in the development and quality of the beers produced. The water, drawn 24 hours before being used in the production of beer, is energized in one of the brewing vats in order to “restore” it to life and allow it to best solubilize the starch and promote the enzyme activity during the stirring phase.

Each year, the finest barrels are selected to mature the different cuvées produced at the brewery. The idea is to shape the beers as a great wine would be matured. They are left for the time necessary for their full development. Maturing can last up to three years. Some cuvées come from a blend and others come from a single cask. 750ml. 5%.


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Ammonite - Solera IV (750ml)


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